• Hey, I saw your post from earlier today on the Community Portal. I've been waiting for a supplement ratio page to start up, but I don't know when it's going to happen. In the mean time would you be up for comparing proportions and specific supplements?

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    • Hey, sorry I didn't reply earlier, my work's been busy, and couldn't reply on my phone.

      I'd love to compare our "recipes", as I might've mentioned on the portal I'm being very scientific about getting the exact amounts of each element right but want to confirm that I'm indeed doing the correct calculations.

      Here's what I've got so far on my spreadsheet:

      Whey Protein - 50g (NOW brand, like most of the supplements I've found. Also provides some Na,K,Ca,P and Mg)

      Olive Oil - 65g

      Maltodextrin - 200g

      Uniodized Salt - 4.25g (uniodized because my multivitamin provides all the iodine I need)

      Potassium Gluconate powder - 14.1g

      Potassium Chloride powder - 1.87g (this is to bump up Chloride since I lowered salt because I get sodium from the whey protein and monosodium phosphate)

      Monosodium Phosphate powder - 3.63g

      Calcium Carbonate powder - 450mg (just to round out my calcium amounts)

      Calcium Citrate + Magnesium - 3 tabs (the only thing I couldn't find in powder form, but I figure I just crush up 3 tabs and pour in. This doesnt provide the 400mg of Magnesium, only 342, but as it's only in pill form it's more difficult to fine tune. Plus, would rather fall a little under than risk going over with the Magnesium)

      Vitamin A supplement (because the otherwise awesome multivitamin I found only has 50%)

      Nature Made multivitamin for Her (Yeah, had to go with the female version because for some reason the male didn't have any iron. This completely covers everything else not mentioned above)

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