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Rob has started a new discussion board over at I suggest we take all our discussion over there, leaving this site just as a pool of knowledge.

Welcome to the Soylent WikiEdit

Welcome! This wiki is for the sharing of knowledge about Soylent, as inspired by Rob Rhinehart. We'll discuss how to make our own versions: what we need to put it in, possible conflicts, daily values, etc. You are invited to join and help expand our pool of knowledge.

A word of warning: this is an experimental diet and putting it together may require some knowledge of chemistry (college intro-level). You make and consume your own Soylent at your own risk, so please only do it if you are confident in your abilities.


On February 13, 2013, a software engineer named Rob Rhinehart posted on his blog about a new diet he'd been trying. Instead of consuming regular food, he researched all the necessary nutrients and combined them into a shake of sorts that he called Soylent, which he consumed exclusively for a month. He has since given us more information about what he's done as well as included others in his experiment. These trials didn't come close to fitting all who wanted to try Soylent themselves, and some went off and created their own formulations of Soylent. This Wiki is for those of us who want to create our own versions of Soylent, to share information so as to make our endeavor safer and easier.

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