There are many compounds that the body needs to function, and they're not necessarily all known. Everyone needs them in their diet so these will form the basis of Soylent. Nonessential nutrients are not necessary, but provide health benefits and will be part of most people's formulas. 

Quantities are amounts per day and based on DRIs from 



These are the nutrients consumed in relatively large quantities (>100mg/day).

Element Rob mix v1.0 Notes Wikipedia
Carbohydrates 200g link
Protein 50g Minimum requirements range from 0.8g to 2.5g per kg bodyweight. Discussion here link
Fat 65g Possible sourcesmixture: Olive oil, flax seed/grapeseed, red palm, coconut oil. Ideal mixture for omega3&6? link
Sodium 2.4g Na & Chloride from NaCL discussion link
Potassium 3.5g From potassium gluconate link
Chloride 3.4g Na & Chloride from NaCL discussion link
Fiber 5g link
Calcium 1g Interferes with Iron absorption link
Phosphorus 1g link
Magnesium 400mg link


N/A No required role as a nutrient; can be synthesized by the body.[1] link
Omega-3 Fatty Acids 750mg link


Nutrients consumed in smaller amounts (<100mg/day) but still necessary to the functioning of the body How many trace elements in other ingredients? I.e. tap water?

Element Rob mix v1 Notes Wikipedia
Iron 18mg link
Iodine 150ug link
Zinc 15mg link
Selenium 70ug Toxic in large doses link
Copper 2mg link
Manganese 2mg link
Chromium 120ug link
Molybdenum 75ug link
Vitamin A 5000IU link
Vitamin B6 2mg from pyrodoxil phosphate, taken together in particular ratios (B12)? link
Vitamin B12 6ug Taken together in particular ratios(B6)? link
Vitamin C 60mg from ascorbate link
Vitamin D 400IU Check DRI? link
Vitamin E 30IU link
Vitamin K 80ug Check DRI? link
Thiamin 1.5mg link
Riboflavin 1.7mg link
Niacin 20mg link
Folate 400ug link
Biotin 300ug link

thothenic Acid

10mg link

Extraneous Nutrients (citations needed)Edit

Several other nutrients that have not been included above are necessary for life. However, these nutrients may not be required in a Soylent mixed as trace amounts may already exist.

Element Rob Notes Source Wikipedia
Sulfur N/A Necessary for collagen, keratin and bile production May be enough methionine and cysteine in source of protein
Strontium N/A Indications that it appears beneficial for bone mineralization. There may be traces in tap water.
Inorganic Nitrate N/A Possibly beneficial for blood pressure. There may be traces in tap water.

Contested Nutrients (citations needed)Edit

The following nutrients may be necessary for life, but research is conflicting. This list includes all nutrients for which the physiological function in the body is not understood well enough. These nutrients may also be extraneous nutrients (see above). These nutrients are non-toxic in micro amounts and may be included for the sake of covering all bases.

Element Rob mix v1 Notes Wikipedia
Boron ? trace already in mix? link
Silicon ? link
Lithium 1000ug link

Supplementary NutrientsEdit

Rob includes various additions to his mix which may benefit health, but are nonessential for life or the operation of the body.

Element Rob mix v1 Notes Wikipedia
Lycopene 500ug link
Ginseng 50ug link
Ginko Biloba 100ug link
Lutein 500ug link
Alpha Carotene 140ug link
Vanadium 100ug link

  1. Daily Reference Intakes: Macronutrients